Jukebox Cover01 (2)JUKEBOX HERO

It’s Back to the ’80’s like never before!

Things aren’t all rainbows and cupcakes at the corner of Elm and E streets. Molly Slater just wants to forget everything she can’t remember and play heavy metal with her best friend in the garage. And maybe get a date for prom if he’s not a skeeze.

But someone in this ‘burb has been killing redheads, and Molly has the reddest hair of them all.

When a night of babysitting gone wrong gets her in the crosshairs of the local gang scene, Molly discovers fabulous secrets about herself.

The hunted becomes the hunter as she prowls the darkness that has crept into her sleepy town. But a far more sinister force, something from another world, has other plans in store for her…

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pig ironPIG IRON

A risible struggle between love and subversion of the western genre, Pig Iron takes place in the desert town of Aqua Fría after the wells have run dry, where crazed townsfolk drink whiskey instead of water, priming their bodies, as well as their situation, for combustion. Myths are exploded, horses are treated with little respect, atheist preachers hurl Bible quotes without irony, and villains and heroes sweat booze as their time runs out. They have three days before they die of dehydration. Only three days to search for illusive treasure, right perceived wrongs, and battle murderous hallucinations. With a glossary of western terminology, real and imagined, this violent yarn is Deadwood meets A Clockwork Orange, with a shot of “wry.”

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Tom cover99d


Damned by god with inhuman strength and metabolism, Tom Grady carries the weight of his family against the world that hates him just for being born. Ever deeper he sinks into poverty and debt, he turns to a life of crime, rising through its ranks and abandoning his soul in the course. From fistfights with grizzly bears to an all-out war with vigilante cops, Tom Grady’s life goes from bad to worse. Finally returning home, he finds his baby brother still worships him as a hero.


When the Dennison Mining Company tunnels too far, a bloodthirsty creature is set loose upon the isolated mountain town of Red Earth, Wyoming. If a reluctant alliance of outlaws, miners, misfits, and whores cannot stop the Charred Man, everyone in Red Earth will be dead by morning.

A blend of old school horror and gritty Western shootout, And the Hills Opened Up is about fighting for life in the midst of death.

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Starred Review. Life in the small 1890 Wyoming mining town of Red Earth revolves around plundering the copper seam and the weekly stagecoach that brings payroll from the Dennison mining company. When opening a new section of the mine frees a monster known only as “the Charred Man,” everyone in the town must choose how to make their stand, and who they’ll protect. A feverish foreman, an inexperienced sheriff, a widowed whore, and a kindly outlaw are just some of the engrossing characters in Oppegaard’s page-turner. The narrative is subtle and lovely, contrasting with a creepy, believable monster. The two combine in a story that’s horrific, thrilling, touching, and unflinchingly satisfying to the last page.


In Buffalo Bill in the Gallery of the Machines, legendary Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West, a menagerie of exotic animals and human eccentrics, are on the verge of bankruptcy until the troupe goes overseas for a tour through Europe. All the while, the star of his show, a giant beast of a man with near-miraculous strength, threatens to leave his leading role to discover his mysterious past.  Here is a Western tale told with the very same spirit in which Buffalo Bill Cody himself created his Wild West spectacle.

Buffalo Bill in the Gallery of the Machine is available in trade paperback and for Kindle at Amazon.  It is available as a historically accurate dime novel through IndyPlanet.

gods willGod’s Naked Will

Selected as a “Top 10 Fall New Book Release” by, God’s Naked Will and other Sacrilege is an absorbing debut collection of stories, bold, risky, and entertaining–at turns erotic and hysterical–that are visionary, yet anchored in the details of ordinary, blue-collar life in the south of the United States. Within these pages, faith collides with schizophrenia and demon possession, incest and deformity, devoted virgins and hired studs, illness and addiction, alternative life-styles and nude weddings, sexual choices and preferences, masturbation and voyeurism, cock-fights and executions, ministers and deacons. Each story packs a mean, unrelenting flurry of gut punches that prove to be brutal and unrelenting. From the precipitous bluffs of Mt. Nebo, to the treacherous inner city of Chicago, from the simmering waters of Hot Springs to the Kahlua colored waters of the Hatchie-Coon bottoms of the St. Francis River, from the death chamber at the Cummins Correctional Unit to a swingers resort on the Yucatan Peninsula, from frog races at the Toad Suck Ferry to cockfights in Puerto Moreles, from the reality of now to the surreal of the after-life, readers will find themselves transported through time and space and feel the primal urges, the carnal yearnings, and the spiritual convictions of these characters as their faith, heavy as a curse upon them, guides them through their ideas of right and wrong, of morality and depravity, of sexual release and moral responsibility.

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city kaijuCITY KAIJU

City Kaiju is being destroyed. It’s being rebuilt. It’s being destroyed again by giant-ass and not-so-giant-ass beasts. It’s being protected by bionic commandos, who are, well, getting OK at not becoming a red mess of gruel on your city streets. That’s a good thing! Right? You are a poor burnout bike messenger, trying to survive, confused by it all. Feeling dumb and lost and alone, like, existentially, mostly because your roommate tells you daily that you are “dumb and lost and alone.” You have PTSD, but you all got PTSD. It’s just a thing. You all expect to die in the green flames of a plasma burst. Not a good thing! It hurts. But you come together on a fateful night, a night in which none of you believe you have a demon’s chance at the Pearly Gates. There’s something special about this night. Perhaps it’s the moon? And who is this Evil Bill? Goddamn, you hate this place.

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Arcadian GatesArcadian Gates

Only ten years ago the entire nation was struck by a chemical weapon which destroyed most people’s memories. Akiry, a young woman who makes her way smuggling amongst the lower caste of the rebuilt country, is haunted by dreams of a daughter she otherwise does not remember. As civil war erupts in the city around her, she takes the last chance she has to find the truth about her daughter and her past.

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