Burnt Bridge is an independent Co-Op/Collective of pulp-inspired fiction. We like it dark, gritty, raw, unapologetic (hence our handle), and full of explosive energy. We do not shy away from the experimental or the unconventional. Genre-benders are A-OK with us.

We publish anything from Gothic street crime anti-heroes to Space-Western Operatics, to Speculative Post-Apoc Sci-noir. Or anything in between or to the side. We aim to be a home to the homeless. If your book doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, chances are it fits here. We specialize in reprints. If it’s been previously published and your rights have returned, we’ll put it back out in the world.

We want to make you uncomfortable. To squirm a little. To feel the same anguish, shame, and desperation of the characters whose lives are lived at the brink and whose stories are told to you in blood-soaked black letters on the page.

So give us a try.

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