eBook Subscriptions

Because we’re now well underway with the 21st century, we’re looking to move further and further into electronic publishing (don’t worry: our quarterly printed journal isn’t going anywhere).

We’re introducing a new subscription service for Burnt Bridge. For $10 annually, you can receive the eBook versions of ALL issues of Burnt Bridge, both the monthly online and quarterly “print” issues. Currently, each online issue is posted on the website, as well as in the form of a downloadable .PDF file for your eReader or PC or laptop or Ipad, etc. etc. The quarterly issues (being much, much longer) are issued as a print journal ($8 per issue)  as well as for sale on Amazon Kindle (at $2.99 per issue).

The subscription sends all this electronically directly to you, or for Kindle users, directly to your Kindle email address.

Subscribers will save $2 off the eBook price annually (and $22 off the print edition price), as well as the luxury of having each issue (including the monthlies) sent directly to you (or your device).

Once you’ve subscribed (through paypal), email us with your confirmation number to subscribe@burntbridge.net. You’ll begin receiving issues around the first of each month.